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Life Issues

I just talked to my brother. he is having major problems with his naval flight training. today his instructor threatened him with something that would cause him to basically be dropped from the flight program. he is however not sure if he would be completely dropped from the navy or just re assigned. he has never been faced with failing like this. he is trying as hard as he can to learn the things that he is required. but there just seems to be too many things or things keep popping up that he needs to have memorized.
I also am having some major doubts on life and where i want it to take me. physically i know i can follow any of my dreams. but I’ve had so many doubts in the choices that I’ve made.
I have so many ideas but lately some of those ideas have been doubted. my flight idea has all but left me. i have lost all desire to per sue flight as a career. the decision to end flight training was extremely hard because i feel like I’ve given up on that dream and that I’m letting family and friends down. but i just have to focus on the fact that this is my career, its my life, deciding to change careers because I don’t feel like this is still the place that God wants me to be is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not worried. I know that God will continue to guide me. but sometimes it feels like I’m all alone. i just wish that i could finally find the thing that i will enjoy and will provide for myself and my family. i hope my dreams of building cars or motorcycles or anything else with my hands can come to fruition. that’s all for now. lots on my mind, there is a surprisingly large amount of things going on in my life right now. lots of things to make my stomach turn over just thinking about them.

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