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Three Letters

there are three letter that when put together spell murder for all of man kind. those three letters are PMS. all men who have girlfriends or wives know that when its that special time of the month to duck hide run and whatever you do don’t do anything that could piss her off. there are those days though when she wakes up right from bed set to make any-ones day that is the least bit happy go to hell. i don’t believe that they knowingly do it. because they claim that they love us yet when it comes down to the act of murdering our happiness they are cold blooded killers. just the thought of talking to them during an bad day makes my stomach turn and puts me into a depressed mood. i’m not sure if I will ever get used to it but if there is ever a cure to pms I swear I will do anything to get my hands on the antidote. because pms is truly the worst disease in this world.

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