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God Surly is incredible! Through all that happened to me on the way home from Tulsa I have been changed and empowered by Christ. the first Sunday night that I attended here I talked with Denny and he told me about a Sunday morning worship position that is open and i also talked with Maury about it and he seemed very positive.

prayer prayer prayer

met with Maury and he thinks that I’m the one for this position. I will be a part time worship leader and will be leading the 11 o clock “Edge” service. it will be designed to be loud, powerful, new and young. its exactly what this church needs.

prayer prayer prayer

Maury has made the decision that I will be the worship leader for the new service and our first time will be on Easter Sunday. I talked with Tim Swanson about playing with me and he is extremely interested. he will for sure be playing for the first Sunday because he will not be needed in the other services. Denny mentioned that he has a junior higher that plays for his school jazz band and that is he really good but wants me to hear him and make my own decision. we were able to hear him that night and he is very talented so we are going to talk to his parents and go ahead with a few practices and see where it goes from there. i am a little worried about having someone so young in a position of such responsibility. but he seems like he would be extremely committed to the band, so we’ll see how things go. later that night I talked with Jacob plet about playing with us as well. originally thinking he would play guitar we decided that it would work out perfectly if he could fill the bass position that was still open to which he was very open to and excited to start.

The lord works in incredible ways!

May we sing to him and about him as the only one who really lives, and who shows us how to live.  Don Williams

we win or lose the day dependent on the hand of God. his gentle persuasion of authority resting on our lives will always be the deciding factor. Matt Redman

This is amazing! the most exciting thing i might have ever done. I’m reading this book called inside out worship right now and its so encouraging and I am getting many new exciting ideas from it. God is incredible!

God works in amazing ways. I never would have thought that he would use something like this to bring me back to him and back into his service. Amazing! thank you father, thank you Jesus, thank you for making me into who i am!


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