Royce’s Thoughts
My life and my feelings about life

I learned a lesson today. You can mess with love. its a fragile thing that you need to treat like an every day adventure. love it though is by far worth the work and trouble. the hard ships and work that it takes is well worth the difficulty. I must be crazy to love it. but I do. I wouldn’t skip this time for anything in the world.  I wouldn’t look at another woman again in this world if I could have you as mine forever. I am so incredibly in love. I hate that I cause so many problems. I wish I could quit all my stupid stuff and just be for you and with you. I miss you, I am so stupid. why would I jeopardize such an amazing thing for worldly things.

I’m worried right now. things are uncertian. life changes like the wind. you never know what direction its going to be coming from. crazy!


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