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School, life, work, and everything that goes along with it…

So I’m sitting in the library right now. it was freezing this morning! 40 degrees when I left. brrr! I put the liner in my jacket for the first time this year. the beginning of a long winter… today I don’t have my horrible history class today. so I am ecstatic right now. Also since its Columbus day, (WOOP WOOP Thanks for coming over homie) I don’t have to work. 

for the last few weeks everyday that I ride to school I’ve been listening to Mark Driscoll from Mars hill church. its awesome! Its nice to hear good solid sermons several times a week. 

Sunday morning worship has been alright lately. I am very much looking forward to getting back to the 11am Edge service. I love the intimacy of the fellowship hall. The last few months of the combined services has been a real stretch for me. I loved where we were at when the split happened. and i am very very much looking forward to getting back to that place. 

I am so much anticipating my future. I cannot wait to be done with school, its frustrating when almost all of your classmates are several years younger than you are. As Kimberly said a while back, I wish that we could just jump ahead a few years. just past all of this school crap and get into the real meat of life. 

one major gripe that I have with merced college is that the people here are not at all serious about school. I hate it when someone sitting next to you starts snickering because the teacher said something about sex or something like that. I want to be at a place where the environment is conducive to actually learning and working toward a future. not a place where people goof off and are only here for financial aid and such.

Wells Fargo is working pretty well for me right now. I should be moving up to a lead teller position fairly soon. As of the 17Th of this month I will have been working there for a year. Crazy! it does not at all feel like I’ve been there for this long.

I feel like life is flying by right now. months are rushing by like I’ve never seen before. its exciting because I want to get past a few obstacles in my life rather quickly, but at the same time it freaks me out because I’m 24 now and I feel like the last few years have just flown by. I am looking forward to completing school but at the same time once I do I know that I will be way older than I ever wanted to be at the stage of my life. I’m going to be close to 30 before I graduate. ARG! that was never in my plan as a kid. Okay life goals. 1. be a lazy slacker. 2. wait until your 23 before you really start college. 3. not have a decent paying job because of 2. 4. find the woman of your dreams and then not be able to marry her yet because of 1, 2 and 3…

Alright, I believe that is all I have time for today. I have to go to my psych class now. woop! I actually like my Sociology and Psych classes! oh yeah one last thing. I hate driving to school alone! I miss driving with Kim! I miss the fights… I miss the talks… I miss seeing here every day! ARG!          PEACE!


One Response to “School, life, work, and everything that goes along with it…”

  1. you crack me up. be patient. though we despise dating at the moment and only wish we could be married, i know god is still using this precious time to work in us, both individually and as a couple. we have so many things going against us that this is probably the best (maybe not ideal) situation for us.

    we should probably begin praying for patience. because this sucks. 🙂

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