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Worky Worky

October 14, 2008

Today I worked from 11:15 to 6:15. Man thats an annoying shift. its not really a long shift, its just right in the middle of the day. well, school is going alright. I really cant wait for this semester and my school career in general to be done. I’ve been trying to write more songs […]

School, life, work, and everything that goes along with it…

October 13, 2008

So I’m sitting in the library right now. it was freezing this morning! 40 degrees when I left. brrr! I put the liner in my jacket for the first time this year. the beginning of a long winter… today I don’t have my horrible history class today. so I am ecstatic right now. Also since […]

my future?

January 16, 2008

Tonight kim and I went to dinner with Morri and his family. I’m tired! going to sleep now.


March 31, 2007

Today was an ordinary day. right now i’m watching mission impossible 3 and this movie has me squerming in my seat. for some reason i’ve gotten so into this movie. so far its a great movie…

March 24, 2007

I learned a lesson today. You can mess with love. its a fragile thing that you need to treat like an every day adventure. love it though is by far worth the work and trouble. the hard ships and work that it takes is well worth the difficulty. I must be crazy to love it. […]

Sunday night Worship

February 28, 2007

Last Sunday was the second time that I’ve lead worship in years. the first night was very rough but Sunday was wonderful. getting back into worship is so great. I love leading. I hate the nerves that come at first. leading worship for Sunday morning will be much better. monitors and a good band behind […]


February 21, 2007

God Surly is incredible! Through all that happened to me on the way home from Tulsa I have been changed and empowered by Christ. the first Sunday night that I attended here I talked with Denny and he told me about a Sunday morning worship position that is open and i also talked with Maury […]


January 29, 2007

I don’t know whats happening tonight but something is going on. I am feeling so empowered right now. its like I’m having a natural mountain top experience. I have an unexplainable love for the lord. i have a desire more strong than ever before to sing out his name and write music that glorifies his […]

No need for a title

January 29, 2007

Ya know. There is one thing that I would love to do. its something that i’ve wanted and dreamed of for many many years. Music is something that is in my viens. its something that is engrained in my soul. I desire to be in music, with all my being I want to be in […]

New Changes

January 24, 2007

Today I made a very exciting new decision. i’m going to be leaving this horrible town and moving back home earlier than planned. I reserved a Uhaul trailer for the 31st of January. Ill have it for approximately 7 days and hopefully will be able to fit everything into it and make it home in […]