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I have a new blog address.


Today I worked from 11:15 to 6:15. Man thats an annoying shift. its not really a long shift, its just right in the middle of the day.

well, school is going alright. I really cant wait for this semester and my school career in general to be done.

I’ve been trying to write more songs lately, but it just seems like all of my songs sound the same. I’ve been trying to work on changing my sound and writing styles. I bought a book on music writing a while back but have never really read it. I want this to possibly become my future so I need to start taking writing a little more serious.

I’m working out tomorrow morning with my awesome girlfriend! We’ve been planning on doing this for months. so yay. getting into shape is exactly what I need.

Good night!


So I’m sitting in the library right now. it was freezing this morning! 40 degrees when I left. brrr! I put the liner in my jacket for the first time this year. the beginning of a long winter… today I don’t have my horrible history class today. so I am ecstatic right now. Also since its Columbus day, (WOOP WOOP Thanks for coming over homie) I don’t have to work. 

for the last few weeks everyday that I ride to school I’ve been listening to Mark Driscoll from Mars hill church. its awesome! Its nice to hear good solid sermons several times a week. 

Sunday morning worship has been alright lately. I am very much looking forward to getting back to the 11am Edge service. I love the intimacy of the fellowship hall. The last few months of the combined services has been a real stretch for me. I loved where we were at when the split happened. and i am very very much looking forward to getting back to that place. 

I am so much anticipating my future. I cannot wait to be done with school, its frustrating when almost all of your classmates are several years younger than you are. As Kimberly said a while back, I wish that we could just jump ahead a few years. just past all of this school crap and get into the real meat of life. 

one major gripe that I have with merced college is that the people here are not at all serious about school. I hate it when someone sitting next to you starts snickering because the teacher said something about sex or something like that. I want to be at a place where the environment is conducive to actually learning and working toward a future. not a place where people goof off and are only here for financial aid and such.

Wells Fargo is working pretty well for me right now. I should be moving up to a lead teller position fairly soon. As of the 17Th of this month I will have been working there for a year. Crazy! it does not at all feel like I’ve been there for this long.

I feel like life is flying by right now. months are rushing by like I’ve never seen before. its exciting because I want to get past a few obstacles in my life rather quickly, but at the same time it freaks me out because I’m 24 now and I feel like the last few years have just flown by. I am looking forward to completing school but at the same time once I do I know that I will be way older than I ever wanted to be at the stage of my life. I’m going to be close to 30 before I graduate. ARG! that was never in my plan as a kid. Okay life goals. 1. be a lazy slacker. 2. wait until your 23 before you really start college. 3. not have a decent paying job because of 2. 4. find the woman of your dreams and then not be able to marry her yet because of 1, 2 and 3…

Alright, I believe that is all I have time for today. I have to go to my psych class now. woop! I actually like my Sociology and Psych classes! oh yeah one last thing. I hate driving to school alone! I miss driving with Kim! I miss the fights… I miss the talks… I miss seeing here every day! ARG!          PEACE!


Tonight kim and I went to dinner with Morri and his family. I’m tired! going to sleep now.


Today was an ordinary day. right now i’m watching mission impossible 3 and this movie has me squerming in my seat. for some reason i’ve gotten so into this movie. so far its a great movie…


I learned a lesson today. You can mess with love. its a fragile thing that you need to treat like an every day adventure. love it though is by far worth the work and trouble. the hard ships and work that it takes is well worth the difficulty. I must be crazy to love it. but I do. I wouldn’t skip this time for anything in the world.  I wouldn’t look at another woman again in this world if I could have you as mine forever. I am so incredibly in love. I hate that I cause so many problems. I wish I could quit all my stupid stuff and just be for you and with you. I miss you, I am so stupid. why would I jeopardize such an amazing thing for worldly things.

I’m worried right now. things are uncertian. life changes like the wind. you never know what direction its going to be coming from. crazy!


Last Sunday was the second time that I’ve lead worship in years. the first night was very rough but Sunday was wonderful. getting back into worship is so great. I love leading. I hate the nerves that come at first. leading worship for Sunday morning will be much better. monitors and a good band behind me inspires great confidence.

i’m moving into maurys office this week, thats VERY exciting! i’m going to move all my music stuff down there and start practicing there. i’m going to spend a lot of time there.

getting back into bible studies and church is so awesome! I’ve seriously missed the heck out of it.

I should be starting worship practice this up coming saturday night. i’m praying that we will find a girl singer very very soon.


God Surly is incredible! Through all that happened to me on the way home from Tulsa I have been changed and empowered by Christ. the first Sunday night that I attended here I talked with Denny and he told me about a Sunday morning worship position that is open and i also talked with Maury about it and he seemed very positive.

prayer prayer prayer

met with Maury and he thinks that I’m the one for this position. I will be a part time worship leader and will be leading the 11 o clock “Edge” service. it will be designed to be loud, powerful, new and young. its exactly what this church needs.

prayer prayer prayer

Maury has made the decision that I will be the worship leader for the new service and our first time will be on Easter Sunday. I talked with Tim Swanson about playing with me and he is extremely interested. he will for sure be playing for the first Sunday because he will not be needed in the other services. Denny mentioned that he has a junior higher that plays for his school jazz band and that is he really good but wants me to hear him and make my own decision. we were able to hear him that night and he is very talented so we are going to talk to his parents and go ahead with a few practices and see where it goes from there. i am a little worried about having someone so young in a position of such responsibility. but he seems like he would be extremely committed to the band, so we’ll see how things go. later that night I talked with Jacob plet about playing with us as well. originally thinking he would play guitar we decided that it would work out perfectly if he could fill the bass position that was still open to which he was very open to and excited to start.

The lord works in incredible ways!

May we sing to him and about him as the only one who really lives, and who shows us how to live.  Don Williams

we win or lose the day dependent on the hand of God. his gentle persuasion of authority resting on our lives will always be the deciding factor. Matt Redman

This is amazing! the most exciting thing i might have ever done. I’m reading this book called inside out worship right now and its so encouraging and I am getting many new exciting ideas from it. God is incredible!

God works in amazing ways. I never would have thought that he would use something like this to bring me back to him and back into his service. Amazing! thank you father, thank you Jesus, thank you for making me into who i am!


I don’t know whats happening tonight but something is going on. I am feeling so empowered right now. its like I’m having a natural mountain top experience. I have an unexplainable love for the lord. i have a desire more strong than ever before to sing out his name and write music that glorifies his name. live a life that shines brighter for Christ than a thousand  others. I want to write, I want to sing, I want to praise his name to thousands.

I am so excited to get home. I want to get back into recording music, I want to start riding motorcycles. i want to become a worship leader again.

I have been blessed by being able to attend a church called church on the move here in Tulsa. the services have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. the worship is extremely powerful and the teaching is awesome. this is truly a blessing from God to be able to find this church even though it is within the last two weeks before i leave for California.


Ya know. There is one thing that I would love to do. its something that i’ve wanted and dreamed of for many many years. Music is something that is in my viens. its something that is engrained in my soul.

I desire to be in music, with all my being I want to be in music. I want to write music that makes people happy. i want to write music that makes people love music. i want to write music that makes people love God.

I think i can honestly say that i dont want the fame. i dont want the stardom. I dont want the money. I want to be a teacher to the people. I want people to listen to my lyrics and believe.